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The headquarters of our company is at 88 Athanassiou Diakou in Kastoria, where the workshop and the showroom of our company are housed.

Of course you can visit our site to see how we work and of course to see our products up close.

All our products are made of top quality natural fur 100% recyclable and ecological, which in combination with its excellent construction will give you a beautiful and very special result.

All our furs are made of high quality fox skins and skins from certified suppliers in Europe (Finland, Italy) which have been processed in the best way to give the best result in our clothes and accessories.

Many of our products are ready to be delivered. However for the products that are available upon order: • Accessories estimated production time 2-3 days (if all raw materials are available). • Clothes 5-7 days in case the raw material is ready • Clothes whose raw material is not ready, estimated average manufacturing time is 15 days.

In any case, you can be informed about the exact time of manufacture of the product you are interested in. The above times are estimated as in some special cases the time may be less or even more

Our products are also available for wholesale, whether you are a retailer or a manufacturer we can become your personal partner. For more information refer to the category “Wholesale” and contact us to inform you about it.

For custom products just give us the measurements of your torso, waist, hips and we will make the garment to your measurements. For the finished products in each product are listed its measurements, as well as there is a size chart with the measurements in each number. In any case, you can send us your measurements so that we can confirm the appropriate number.

Take good care of your favorite products to look like new for many years, just follow our instructions:

• Always keep your fur in a cool and dark place, especially if winter has passed and you have stopped wearing it. You can even turn to specialists to have them safely guarded for you.

• Clean your fur (always with the help of experts) once a year. It may not look dirty but it is important to remove all dirt to keep it soft and shiny. Avoid laundries.

• Hang your fur on a wide shoulder hanger and never on a wire hanger. Leave enough space for it not to be damaged and the hair to break.

• Always keep your fur in cloth bags and cases.

• Avoid spraying perfume, hairspray or other chemicals directly on your fur.

• If it gets wet, shake it well and hang it upside down to keep it fluffy and fluffy.

• Never store it with naphthalene. May cause irreparable damage.

• Do not place other objects on top of the fur – remember we try to keep the air circulation at all times.

• When the fur comes out of storage, shake it vigorously and ventilate it for a long time.

• In case of a small stain you can clean locally with a damp cloth and let the fur dry naturally.

• For fabric clothes or accessories that have fur details and are not removable, you can go for a very careful dry cleaning of the clothes. Or clean the stain locally on the fabric very carefully.

• If the hair on your fur or accessories is crumpled first shake the garment, you can also comb it very lightly with a brush, or you can use the cold air from the hair dryer to blow the hair very carefully and from a distance of at least 20 cm.

• In any case, avoid the contact of the fur with objects that emit heat.

Payment & Shipping Information

1. The best way to order is through our e-shop: Find the products you are interested in through the search or from the catalog of our website, click add to cart and follow the steps in the order form by choosing one of the available payment methods, after submitting the order you will receive an email confirming the order registration and payment confirmation email if you have made an online payment by debit or credit card. If, however, this method of ordering through our e shop does not cover you, here are some more ways to submit your order:

2. Via Social media (Facebook, Instagram) you send us your message in a message either using a photo or screenshot of the product you are interested in or by sending the product code.

3. Telephone order: You can place your order on the phone 2467082901

4. From our store: If you are in our area, visit us at 88 Athanassiou Diakou Street in the area of ​​our craft, we will be happy to serve you.

1. Cash on delivery (+ 2 € for purchases under 100 €), upon delivery of your order to the address you have stated. For purchases over 100 € the cost of cash on delivery is free. (COD is valid only for purchases within Greece). 2. By credit / debit card (Visa / MasterCard / Maestro / Diners) of any bank (no extra charge) in a secure environment of Alpha Bank. 3. With PayPal. You are automatically transferred to the PayPal page to complete the transaction. Pay Pal is the most well-known, secure and reliable intermediary for Online transactions. 4. By bank deposit in the account: ALPHA BANK: NAME: ATHANASOPOULOU XANTHIPPI ACCOUNT NUMBER: 859002009280 IBAN: GR60 0140 8590 8590 0200 2009 280 BIC: CRBAGRAAXXX

For Greece: Shipments are made with ACS courier and ELTA courier Door-to-Door. Delivery time: • Within Attica or any other city in Greece (excluding islands and inaccessible areas) delivery time is 1-2 working days. • In islands and inaccessible areas the delivery time is 2-4 working days. Cost of transportation: • For Orders under 100 € the shipping is 3 € + 2 € cash on delivery • For Orders over € 100, shipping is FREE.

For Europe & Internationally: Shipments are made with DHL intentional.

Once you complete your order the system will automatically send you an email informing you that your order has been placed. This confirms that you have successfully completed your order and that it has reached us. Upon completion of your order you will receive an informative e-mail confirming that your order has been registered and has reached us. Once the processing of your order is completed and the parcel obtains a shipment number you will receive a second email as well as SMS / Viber with the tracking number of the parcel and the courier company that will send the parcel. With this number you can search for the shipment on the site of each courier company. Tip: If you do not receive emails, check your spam folder or offers • I bought something but I want to change it or I want to return it and get my money back? If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, we give you the opportunity to change the product or return it and refund your money as long as it has not been used, or it is not a special order made for you. See the change / return policy for further information.

Nick the Greek Furs gives you the opportunity to cancel your order if its condition allows. The average time to cancel your order is around 2-3 hours, ie before it can be processed. If you wish to cancel your order please send us an e-mail at info@nickthegreekfurs.gr or send us a message in the live chat of our e-shop or call us at 2467082901 Monday-Friday from 10:00 to 18: 00.

If you have completed your order you can not add another product. You will have to place an order again and note in the “Order Comments” field to join your previous order or contact us by phone to complete the new product you want to add. You can complete products in your order as much.

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