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Fur care 

Take good care of your favorite products to look like new for many years, just follow our instructions:

• Always keep your fur in a cool and dark place, especially if winter has passed and you have stopped wearing it. You can even turn to specialists to have them safely guarded for you. • Clean your fur (always with the help of experts) once a year. It may not look dirty but it is important to remove all dirt to keep it soft and shiny. Avoid laundries.

• Hang your fur on a wide shoulder hanger and never on a wire hanger. Leave enough space for it not to be damaged and the hair to break. • Always keep your fur in cloth bags and cases.

• Avoid spraying perfume, hairspray or other chemicals directly on your fur.

• If it gets wet, shake it well and hang it upside down to keep it fluffy and fluffy.

• Never store it with naphthalene. May cause irreparable damage.

• Do not place other objects on top of the fur – remember we try to keep the air circulation at all times.

• When the fur comes out of storage, shake it vigorously and ventilate it for a long time.

• In case of a small stain you can clean locally with a damp cloth and let the fur dry naturally.

• For fabric clothes or accessories that have fur details and are not removable, you can go for a very careful dry cleaning of the clothes. Or clean the stain locally on the fabric very carefully.

• If the hair on your fur or accessories is crumpled first shake the garment, you can also comb it very lightly with a brush, or you can use the cold air from the hair dryer to blow the hair very carefully and from a distance of at least 20 cm.

• In any case, avoid the contact of the fur with objects that emit heat.

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